Coral #1

Tests and Success


Glaze tests are tough. Runny, ugly, not quite right, completely wrong, amazing- what did I do?? Testing is a cumulative process for me as I don't usually have the time to run huge batches of tests. After running a series of disappointing glaze tests (from just a "blah" look all the way to a glaze that bubbled and began to shiver off within days out of the kiln) I am pleased with these final pieces!

The small solid yellow piece is the first test, and the larger pieces are the final results. I love the suprise bright interiors of the coral "tubes" and how the greyish glaze really called out the tool marks from when I was trimming the large piece before I added the sculptural aspects. I am basking in the glow of a piece that looks much as I imagined it.

And now on to the next challenge!