About me

As a child, my mother always encouraged the arts. However, I didn't think of myself as art school "material" or consider art as a career until I won an award from the Scholastic Art Awards Competition in high school. I won an honorable mention and additionally was awarded the Francis Larkin McCommon Scholarship from Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA. I decided to give art a try. After a taste of the south I continued my education and completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Arts -Painting from the University of New Hampshire.

Post college, and post international exchange to the Netherlands, I taught art to a home school group for a short while. While enjoyable and rewarding, I lacked confidence that I could make a living on it. This started me off on a series of “real” jobs, leading me through the worlds of travel, non-profit head hunting, and agricultural advocacy. Art kept its hand in my life, however, leading me to ceramics and eventually back to teaching.

I currently live and work in a small town in New Hampshire, but my past experiences have led me around the globe. As an artist I seek to create works that are visually inviting and pleasing to handle. Currently most of my works are made in a more traditional and practical style of pottery, but every piece is created with beauty and function in mind. Many inspirations for my work come from the natural world.


Contact me through this page, or by emailing artist@harmanarts.com.

Exhibits and Professional Associations

2005-2007 -Kimball Jenkins School of Art, Concord NH

2009-2010- Valley Artisans Cooperative, Epsom, NH

2002- Present -Currier Museum School of Art, Manchester, NH

2014- Present - East Colony Fine Art, Manchester, NH

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