Clay Monoprints

While I started down the art path with the concentration in painting, this eventually led me to both printing and ceramics. In the late 90's I started taking pottery with a friend and quickly found it satisfied many of my creative itches.

In 2009 while attending Haystack in Deer Isle, Maine, I was introduced to Mitch Lyons and his unique clay mono-printing techniques. I was instantly hooked as it combined the qualities of clay that I love, with the freedom of design (and erasing!) of printing, as well as a delightful touch of serendipity as the pieces were actually printed.
Since then I have been slowly working this two dimensional art into my studio life, using a slab of clay as the plate and colored slips as the ink. The actual print is pressed into a sheet of fabric (Reemay) and is permanent.


  1. Hi
    I’m just starting to print in clay and I don’t know where to buy the Reemay fabric. Seems that it is different thickness and big rolls whole sale.

    Can you or some body in your team help me with this? also if you have any info in the best place to buy china clay. I live in Jupiter, Florida.

    Vilma Vanoverbeck

    • I’m sorry for not replying, but I get so many spam comments I don’t filter as well as I should. Reemay in a printable thickness can be bought from an industrial company that sells it for furnace filters. They are located in New Jersey, alas, I will have to look up the name for you as I am in the middle of moving and all of my references and suppliers are in storage. Sorry again. I will post it as soon as I can. Also look at Mitch Lyons site, he is located in Delaware and who taught me.

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