Time out… Time in…

I like people who will bake a cake with intentions of giving the goods away, only to eat them first. This last year, I hardly ever seem to get out of the house, let alone out of my own way. I was just enjoying this post from and laughed quite heartily, recognizing myself in her cakey adventures. Ahh, cake. Ahhh... creativity! How I miss indulging in them both.

But for now, some pictures of what I've been up to this last year.... new house, new roof, trees removed (safety first), deck removed (safety and septic), kitchen add on, back yard fenced... it goes on. I am getting my house in order and am building scraps of time into work for me, primarily in the kitchen (I just wrote "kidchen" accidentally, which perhaps is more pleasant a description than "feeding children" or what my brain focuses on most of the time...) so food is a focus. Orangette and Sassy Radish are lovely, indulgent sites, just for me. Perhaps you will like them too?
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