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I'm hiding my head in shame. Soooo.... I haven't been posting as I should due to.... stuff. LIFE STUFF. Closing studio, cleaning house. Selling house (ish) Wait, don't ask, it's complicated. Ugh. Trying to buy a house. Moving to a one bedroom apartment for 2 adults and 2 children. Should it be this complicated??? I have a theory that the modern Real Estate machine makes you think you have your dream home BY MAKING THE PROCEEDINGS ABSOLUTELY HELLISH. *sigh* I'm currently using my failure as a poster to post. I had an interested inquiry from a REAL person. From March of this year. Whoops. I. Am. Sorry. In March, I was considering if I could manage rent on the studio alone, without two other studio mates. (I couldn't.) It was a real, and interested inquiry, not wondering if my site wanted more traffic, or bigger boobs or whatever. I couldn't deal with real time stuff and interwebs stuff at the same time. I hope she'll forgive me, and more importantly, I hope she found the info she needed elsewhere and sooner. Life happens. Bloggers who don't, suck. Sorry again. So let me just say that my next post will be where you can find Reemay fabric (New Jersey) and inks for printing (Akua) If you are in a hurry, you should check out Mitch Lyons, the inventor of the clay printing process (a genius, and a truly stellar gentleman) from whom I learned what I know here: Happy New Year!
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