Nest Test

Nest Test Vases

Here is a little set of test vases I pinched to play with some glazes and also to work out some surface treatments. I'm pretty satisfied, and I am eager to try some new glazes on them in the next few runs. I used to strongly dislike pinching, but now find it soothing and I enjoy that I can travel with it rather well. Sometimes, work at the studio is not possible, but work needs to happen anyway. Look for more of these for some winter flowers, I think!


Is It Ever Really Finished?

Here is a recently finished piece. I have shown a before and after photo of the large sculptural piece I noted in a previous post. From this some questions arise... If not totally happy with the end glazed product, is the piece finished? I suppose technically, it is, but the idea, definitely is not. I like the forms here and I think the glaze choice works on the small nesting vases rather well. I was disappointed with the large piece though, but will make a note and move on. I will try to think of the enjoyment I had while building it, and not of the slightly less than spectacular glaze that I was hoping for. But new glazes are in the works! I'll expect to keep posting updated on progress as it happens.