One handed majolica cups

Why so small?

They’re small

Why are these cups so small? None are over 3 inches in height and most are rather narrow, too. They average about the size of a double shot glass. A particular small person (who shall remain nameless) had been impressed by his cousins' ability to hold and drink from a glass while only using one hand. As the nameless child was significantly younger and smaller, this resulted in a large number of dinner time spills until I ferreted out the reason. As a result, I decided to make a series of small drinking cups that would be just the right size for a child to hold in one hand, just as an adult would. I did decide on the bright majolica colors as I thought those would be best appreciated by the intended recipient. I often find myself using them too, when I just want a small taste of something, or just want to look at something pretty.