Ta-da! A new day!


If I could type musical notes around this title, I would. At last it is official, as of Sunday my work is installed in the East Colony Fine Art Gallery in Manchester, NH. Come on by and do some shopping! Many thanks to my mentor Verne Orlosk for her help and patience. Here is a tiny, bad phone picture of my space, both prints and a variety of work for sale. East Colony is a member operated, fine art gallery, located at 55 South Commercial Street in Manchester. You can view more information at http://eastcolony.com/


These last few weeks I have been refreshing my knowledge on many things... how to write an artists bio and a statement, how to resize photos, how to run a gallery, researching a new glaze recipe and also how to work start to finish in a hand building process... I hope to have pictures of my new small works soon, but alas the battery on the good camera died, and I had to resort to a phone picture instead. Getting things off of the phone is a more complicated and time consuming task, and so it has been delayed this last week as the nice weather has finally driven me out of doors- at long last! This last is refreshing in a different way, and I have also been inspired to start back into the arena of clay mono-prints. I will be starting some new slabs soon, and will try to keep blogging some of those steps for those curious about the process. Pictured here is an older print inspired by the great outdoors, autumn in New England and the wide variety of plants available between field and marsh. My new works (I hope) are inspired by new seedlings... but we'll see where it ends up.

Goodbye… hello

A sad goodbye… or new challenge?

Here lies a casualty of children.... Alas this piece did not survive the short trip out of the studio to be photographed. This was one of the first sculptural pieces I experimented with during a 2009 workshop at Peter's Valley in New Jersey. The workshop leader was artist Joan Bruneau from Nova Scotia, and she was a wonderful teacher. The pieces will go back on the shelf while I contemplate some way of making them whole again, possibly as a new piece altogether.