Nest Test

Nest Test Vases

Here is a little set of test vases I pinched to play with some glazes and also to work out some surface treatments. I'm pretty satisfied, and I am eager to try some new glazes on them in the next few runs. I used to strongly dislike pinching, but now find it soothing and I enjoy that I can travel with it rather well. Sometimes, work at the studio is not possible, but work needs to happen anyway. Look for more of these for some winter flowers, I think!

Goodbye… hello

A sad goodbye… or new challenge?

Here lies a casualty of children.... Alas this piece did not survive the short trip out of the studio to be photographed. This was one of the first sculptural pieces I experimented with during a 2009 workshop at Peter's Valley in New Jersey. The workshop leader was artist Joan Bruneau from Nova Scotia, and she was a wonderful teacher. The pieces will go back on the shelf while I contemplate some way of making them whole again, possibly as a new piece altogether.
jar in progress #1

Work in progress…

Currently I am working with a theme in my pieces, both functional and non functional. I use the sculpture work as a place to work out an idea and then see how it applies to more functional pieces. Often a piece will get a start, then go on hold for a bit while an idea works its way out. Sometimes this can take quite a while, other times, like this piece, it moves along as quickly as I have time to build it.