Time out… Time in…

I like people who will bake a cake with intentions of giving the goods away, only to eat them first. This last year, I hardly ever seem to get out of the house, let alone out of my own way. I was just enjoying this post from and laughed quite heartily, recognizing myself in her cakey adventures. Ahh, cake. Ahhh... creativity! How I miss indulging in them both.

But for now, some pictures of what I've been up to this last year.... new house, new roof, trees removed (safety first), deck removed (safety and septic), kitchen add on, back yard fenced... it goes on. I am getting my house in order and am building scraps of time into work for me, primarily in the kitchen (I just wrote "kidchen" accidentally, which perhaps is more pleasant a description than "feeding children" or what my brain focuses on most of the time...) so food is a focus. Orangette and Sassy Radish are lovely, indulgent sites, just for me. Perhaps you will like them too?

Dreaming of a Little Practice

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Poor, poor neglected site. And the creative side of me. And this post... sadly started four (FOUR!) months ago, and scribbled down, but not published. Whoops. But here we are, back at last. So we will start with the neglected post, first. And say, hope to see you again, soon! With thanks to friends for watercolor crayon suggestions and the proof that continual practice will work. I have been doodling in the books for a few weeks now and it is time to share. Here I am playing with drawing and water color, my old friends that I now appreciate more than I ever did as an unstructured art student. Perhaps soon, another post on the art of patience?

Spam Grumble. Missing the good stuff.


I'm hiding my head in shame. Soooo.... I haven't been posting as I should due to.... stuff. LIFE STUFF. Closing studio, cleaning house. Selling house (ish) Wait, don't ask, it's complicated. Ugh. Trying to buy a house. Moving to a one bedroom apartment for 2 adults and 2 children. Should it be this complicated??? I have a theory that the modern Real Estate machine makes you think you have your dream home BY MAKING THE PROCEEDINGS ABSOLUTELY HELLISH. *sigh* I'm currently using my failure as a poster to post. I had an interested inquiry from a REAL person. From March of this year. Whoops. I. Am. Sorry. In March, I was considering if I could manage rent on the studio alone, without two other studio mates. (I couldn't.) It was a real, and interested inquiry, not wondering if my site wanted more traffic, or bigger boobs or whatever. I couldn't deal with real time stuff and interwebs stuff at the same time. I hope she'll forgive me, and more importantly, I hope she found the info she needed elsewhere and sooner. Life happens. Bloggers who don't, suck. Sorry again. So let me just say that my next post will be where you can find Reemay fabric (New Jersey) and inks for printing (Akua) If you are in a hurry, you should check out Mitch Lyons, the inventor of the clay printing process (a genius, and a truly stellar gentleman) from whom I learned what I know here: Happy New Year!
Coral #1

Tests and Success


Glaze tests are tough. Runny, ugly, not quite right, completely wrong, amazing- what did I do?? Testing is a cumulative process for me as I don't usually have the time to run huge batches of tests. After running a series of disappointing glaze tests (from just a "blah" look all the way to a glaze that bubbled and began to shiver off within days out of the kiln) I am pleased with these final pieces!

The small solid yellow piece is the first test, and the larger pieces are the final results. I love the suprise bright interiors of the coral "tubes" and how the greyish glaze really called out the tool marks from when I was trimming the large piece before I added the sculptural aspects. I am basking in the glow of a piece that looks much as I imagined it.

And now on to the next challenge!


Holiday Sale!

Come and see! (and buy)

It's the second annual Holiday Studio Sale at 320 Dover Road! Festivities and Reception from 4-8pm Friday, December 19th, and general browsing on Saturday from 10am-4pm. Some lovely, affordable, handmade items all for you. Hope to see you there!

October 4, 2014 Demo Day

Demo Day at East Colony

Busy this Saturday? I will be! Come see me demonstrate some of my sculpture works and see what clay prints are all about! I'll be at East Colony Fine Art´╗┐ in Manchester, NH from 11-1pm. Yes, that is a typo in my name on the post card (*sighs*).

Nest Test

Nest Test Vases

Here is a little set of test vases I pinched to play with some glazes and also to work out some surface treatments. I'm pretty satisfied, and I am eager to try some new glazes on them in the next few runs. I used to strongly dislike pinching, but now find it soothing and I enjoy that I can travel with it rather well. Sometimes, work at the studio is not possible, but work needs to happen anyway. Look for more of these for some winter flowers, I think!


Is It Ever Really Finished?

Here is a recently finished piece. I have shown a before and after photo of the large sculptural piece I noted in a previous post. From this some questions arise... If not totally happy with the end glazed product, is the piece finished? I suppose technically, it is, but the idea, definitely is not. I like the forms here and I think the glaze choice works on the small nesting vases rather well. I was disappointed with the large piece though, but will make a note and move on. I will try to think of the enjoyment I had while building it, and not of the slightly less than spectacular glaze that I was hoping for. But new glazes are in the works! I'll expect to keep posting updated on progress as it happens.

What’s in a name?

Name Cards

A new item I am working on... clay name cards. Bringing a dish to a pot luck supper? Dress it up (and identify it) with a ceramic name card. These small tags are unglazed an work nicely with a chalk pencil for writing. Different styles are in the pipeline, I envision some in a glaze as well.
One handed majolica cups

Why so small?

They’re small

Why are these cups so small? None are over 3 inches in height and most are rather narrow, too. They average about the size of a double shot glass. A particular small person (who shall remain nameless) had been impressed by his cousins' ability to hold and drink from a glass while only using one hand. As the nameless child was significantly younger and smaller, this resulted in a large number of dinner time spills until I ferreted out the reason. As a result, I decided to make a series of small drinking cups that would be just the right size for a child to hold in one hand, just as an adult would. I did decide on the bright majolica colors as I thought those would be best appreciated by the intended recipient. I often find myself using them too, when I just want a small taste of something, or just want to look at something pretty.